Archive | October, 2013

How Long Can We Stay Blind to Blackouts?

As an energy specialist, it seems to me that one of the most important points about meeting the energy challenge head-on is that we can’t change those things that we don’t acknowledge. Well, the inevitable has happened: ‘Blackout Britain’ has made its way back into the news as the National Grid announces that this winter […]

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The Aspirational Consumer: 2.5 Billion People Redefining Responsible Consumption

A new global consumer study confirms the rise of nearly 2.5 billion consumers globally who are uniting style, social status and sustainability values to redefine consumption. According to the report by BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility : The 2013 Aspirational Consumer Index – more than one-third of consumers globally (36.4%) identify as Aspirationals, defined by their love of […]

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How NOT to become an MBA zombie

I teach storytelling workshops to business executives and sustainability professionals around the country, and I’m always gratified to see how people from every imaginable endeavor naturally embrace story. But some audience members get frustrated when they can’t quickly grasp and apply the basic structure of story in business. Therefore, I’ve been searching for a tool […]

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