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Are your presentations flicking them off or turning them on?

When given the honor to command an audience, most presenters default to binary facts, figures, features and benefits. The trouble is that your audience’s light switch of interest can just as easily and instantaneously be flicked off as turned on. I prefer the rheostat of story. With it you control emotional nuance to take your […]

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The Contributions of Chris Huhne

If you type the name of Britain’s former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, into Google, you will have to trawl through several pages before finding any result which is unrelated to the penalty points scandal he has been embroiled in for more than two years. After learning that Huhne would […]

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GlobalScan: Environmental Concerns At 20 Year Lows

Environmental concerns among citizens around the world have been falling since 2009 and have now reached twenty-year lows, according to a multi-country GlobeScan poll.  Asked how serious they consider each of six environmental problems to be — air pollution, water pollution, species loss, automobile emissions, fresh water shortages and climate change — fewer people now […]

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