Archive | February, 2013

Britain’s Nuclear Problem

Last week saw a triple-faceted disaster unfold in the UK nuclear industry, with Cumbria’s refusal to play host to a planned underground waste storage centre, the Sellafield site facing prosecution for sending radioactive waste to landfill instead of the low level waste repository it was intended for, and, most worryingly, Centrica’s announcement that it will […]

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Aspirational Consumers: Balancing Style and Sustainability

A new study by BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility finds that a majority of consumers across six international markets are seeking to reconcile their desire for shopping and style with responsibility to the environment and society through their purchases. According to the report, Rethinking Consumption: Consumers and the Future of Sustainability, nearly two-thirds of consumers globally equate […]

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What brands can learn from my hero’s journey with Sonos

I wrote a post following the Super Bowl that deconstructed the Audi “Prom” spot to show you how effectively its creators used the universal path of the hero’s journey to weave the story of their car into our lives. But it’s just a car commercial. Right? No. It’s topnotch storytelling and marketing because the spot […]

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