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GINN: Impact Investing To Grow 12% in 2013

The Global Impact Investing Network (GINN) – in partnership with JP Morgan – has published a new report “Perspectives on Progress” surveying impact investment trends.  The survey indicates that respondents report that they committed $8 billion to impact investments in 2012, and plan to commit $9 billion in 2013. As defined by GINN, “Impact investments are investments made […]

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Stanford and Princeton Have Solar Breakthroughs

It’s not often that you can talk about two solar breakthroughs back to back. But, researchers at both universities, Stanford and Princeton, have turned the light on with new solar technology. Stanford researchers have developed solar cells made completely out of carbon. This has the potential of drastically reducing the price of the cells since […]

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UKIP’s Not So Bright Idea

Peter Rolton: Chairman, Rolton Group Given their recent bi-electoral success, it seemed wise to take a deeper look into the policies which have seen recent support for UKIP rise so dramatically. Disillusionment caused by the continuing recession appears to have driven many to align themselves with the party, who are now seen as something akin […]

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