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EIRIS: Puma Is The World’s Most Sustainable Corporation.

In researching more than 2,000 large global corporations, EIRIS has ranked the top ten global companies when it comes to sustainable practices. No U.S. based companies were ranked in the top ten. Puma was ranked first based on its exceptional environmental management systems and reporting practices. It also has comprehensive policies for equal opportunity employment, […]

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Underground Homes as Natural Disaster Shelters

It may seem obvious that underground homes often serve well as natural disaster shelters. This is especially true of the underground homes that are built from concrete and rebar. Some people use wood in their underground homes, but this is not as secure if you’re wanting your house to double as an emergency shelter. The […]

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Influence: 6 proven ways to get to “YES”

“What in the hell was I thinking?” How many times have you asked yourself this following a less-than-spectacular decision, especially at the ass end of a dumb purchase? Instead of being a willing buyer, you were probably subconsciously manhandled and you didn’t suspect a thing. Many experts in the art of influence, like Arizona State […]

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