Archive | March, 2012

KPMG: Expect the Unexpected. Building business value in a changing world.

In a massive report, KPMG’s study, Expect the Unexpected: Building Business Value in a Changing World, identifies 10 “megaforces” that will significantly affect corporate growth globally over the next two decades. It explores issues such as climate change, energy and fuel volatility, water availability and cost and resource availability, as well as population growth spawning […]

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Stealth Bomber Meets UFO in This Cool Solar Concept Car

SPV Until now, vehicles powered by solar energy have had a decidedly geeky appearance. While innovative, most lack the “wow” factor that triggers that must-have feeling among car aficionados. A new solar-powered vehicle concept car, appropriately called the SPV, has the wow factor in spades. Wide, flat and low, the SPV looks more like a […]

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