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Cartman’s storytelling secret that every CMO should steal

I teach nonfiction storytelling in workshops around the country and in the new Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University, and the impact these newly story-empowered executives have when they use narrative to communicate data is profound. But my students’ greatest obstacle is often where to start in the story process. Therefore, […]

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Telling stories won’t sell my jewelry

The lady proclaimed that she owned a fairly prominent jewelry store chain in Phoenix ­– one I had never heard of, by the way – when she called me about helping her advertise her company. She said she was doing radio advertising, but it wasn’t working. I suggested that maybe her radio spots were the […]

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How the sharing economy accommodated us in France

Michele and I had never used AirBnB until our recent three-week adventure through France. There was a terrific article in the NY Times today about AirBnB and the sharing economy, so I thought I’d share our experience with you. One of our destinations was Normandy, France, and the 60-mile stretch of D-Day beaches, harbors, museums, […]

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Switching Off the Power to Keep the Lights Switched On

Starting this winter and continuing for the next four years, the National Grid is planning to offer financial rewards to the UK’s heaviest energy users in return for cutting their consumption at peak times. This latest attempt to fight the electricity capacity crunch will see companies paid £10,000 for every megawatt they commit to sacrificing […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Data tells, story sells

In his new book, Trying Not to Try: The Ancient Chinese Art and Modern Science of Spontaneity, Edward Slingerland writes: “Science traffics in facts, not values: it can tell us what is, but not what should be.” For those who follow my storytelling blog, you know my mantra that data is the foundation of the […]

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Ceres: Sustainability Leadership and Responsibility Starts at the Top

  “In some cases, companies have substantially accelerated and broadened their sustainability efforts. These companies are providing real leadership and demonstrating that sustainability isn’t a luxury, but rather an essential strategy for building long-term shareholder value.”     In a new research tracking the progress of more than 600 corporations worldwide on broad ranging sustainability […]

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